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meaningful gratitude journaling
We are often told that keeping a gratitude journal is an important self-care practice and can help boost your overall sense of happiness. While it seems like a pretty straightforward concept, you may find yourself getting bored with the exercise and may not get a lot of benefit from it or even quit altogether. In this post, we are giving you some of our favorite tips on how to keep your gratitude journaling from getting stale.
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Burnout and How to Cope

Burnout is one of those buzzwords that gets thrown into the title of self-help articles, but what does it really mean to reach the point of burnout? To many people, this word has become synonymous with being stressed but if you are truly reaching the point of burnout, it should be a sign to you that you need to make some pretty serious changes to your lifestyle. Here are the five stages of burnout and some tips on how you can cope with it.

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