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How to Have Your Best 'Self-Care Summer'

How to Have Your Best 'Self-Care Summer'

self-care summer


“Happy girls are prettiest girls” - Audrey Hepburn

There are so many things to love about summer: the sun stays in the sky longer; there’s always an excuse to drink a frozen drink by a body of water; and even though our school days are long gone there’s something about summer vacation that just hits differently than trips during any other time of the year.

What we don’t love about summer? The weird societal pressure that occurs around the expectations of the season. While #HotGirlSummer may be a sign of liberation and freedom to some - and for the record that’s great, the term feels heavy with expectations and pressure for others. If you aren’t enjoying your summer a certain way or don’t look a certain way while doing it then you’re left out of the fun. That’s why we propose that Summer 2021 is now #SelfCareSummer. Keep reading to find out how!

1. Eliminate the Expectations from Social Media

Whether it’s influencers on your feed yacht hopping in the Med or that one girl from high school that always seems to be on a beach with a drink in her hand, social media can make it seem like everyone is having the best summer of their lives while you scroll through watching it in between zoom calls. While this type of content is anything but a reflection of reality, it can still induce some serious FOMO. Social media should be a place for friends, family, inspiration, and connection, not self-doubt and anxiety.

social media clean up


If you’re feeling down about yourself or your life after some scrolling then it may be time for a social media sweep. Channel Marie Kondo and eliminate (unfollow or mute) any account that doesn’t bring you joy. Also, be sure to interact with content that does make you happy so the algorithm knows to show you more of the good stuff.

2. Stop OverPlanning

It’s easy to over plan in the summer. Especially after the summer of 2020, it’s incredibly tempting to pack your calendar with trips, barbecues, beach days, girls' nights, etc. All of those are great and you absolutely should make time for those things but if you aren’t taking the time you need for yourself outside of all of the festivities you can start to feel worn down.



Make sure you are doing at least one thing for yourself every day. Whether it’s taking 15 minutes to sit outside and have a cup of tea or coffee while you get ready for your day or carving out the time to go through your closet and move your summer favorites to the front. You are more likely to follow through with it if you write it down so don’t forget to utilize the self-care section in your Self-Care planner to remind yourself!

3. Switch Up Your Morning Routine for Summer

summer morning routine


It’s hard to keep a hairstyle in place or makeup from running down your face in the summer heat. Aside from that, the sun is a lot harsher on your skin and hair so taking care of yourself and making sure your skin and hair are protected from the elements is the priority.


Make sure you are hydrated and healthy inside and out with these tips:

  • Keep track of how much water you are drinking and aim for eight glasses a day - The Self-Care Planner, Daily Edition has a handy place for you to keep track every day
  • Swap out your normal moisturizer for one with an SPF for your face and body
  • Use Moroccan oil or argan oil to keep your hair from going dry and frizzy. A little dab is perfect for daily use but if you know you’ll be in the ocean or pool all day, you can drench your hair in the oil to protect it from the sun, saltwater, and chlorine.

Looking for More? Check out our blog The 5 Stages of Burnout & How to Cope for more self-care tips.

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