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Meet the New Balance Notebook and the Artists Behind the Collaboration

At Simple Self, we believe in balance. Whether that means hitting the gym before taco Tuesday or watching your favorite guilty pleasure tv show before turning off your electronics an hour before your head hits the pillow. However you find balance, we support you.

In today’s blog, we explore the idea of balance - how our notebook aims to help you achieve it and explore the idea with our artists and how they find balance and time for self-care in their lives.

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Time Blocking for Productivity

For some people, the main goal of keeping a planner or schedule is simply to make sure everything is written down on paper and therefore not forgotten. A list is made, meetings and appointments are scheduled, and the items are checked off one by one. Admittedly that’s not a bad place to start!

However, if this isn’t your first rodeo, or if you are one of the millions of people wondering how to stop time and get more hours in the day, let us introduce you to the concept of time blocking.

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self-care morning routine

If you spend any amount of time on Instagram, Youtube, or TikTok chances are you’ve seen an influencer’s take on their perfect self-care morning routine. While this type of content can hold genuinely useful tips a lot of the time there is a focus on waking up ridiculously early and drinking coffee out of aesthetically pleasing mugs. Now, while we are big fans of coffee especially in aesthetically pleasing mugs, we are bigger fans of outlining self-care habits and why they are good practices to incorporate into your morning routine.

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