Self-Care Comes First

We're Simple Self and we create tools to help you live a balanced life. We know that when you focus on your health and happiness, you're setting yourself up to succeed.

Meet The Self-Care Planner

A Planner for Work & Wellness

Learn to incorporate self-care into your daily life so you're always in the position to put your best foot forward.

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Live Each Day with Intention

Act on what will make you healthy and happy every day by prioritizing wellness by default.

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Positive Psychology Researched

The Self-Care Planner starts off with six thoughtfully researched steps to help guide you throughout your journey.

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It may sound crazy to some people but this planner literally changed my life. The way this planner has bled into every part of my life is something I did not expect and didn’t know I needed but I am forever grateful.

Nickol A.

This planner is amazing!! Everything I’ve been looking for and more! Makes me feel so accomplished and helps me reach my goals daily. 

Andrea R.

I LOVE this planner. I have gone through so many planners looking for the "right" one, and here it is people. Not only can I plan my days out extremely well, I can set goals and be reminded of my self care. 

Amy W.

This self care journal is a useful tool for helping me manage anxiety. Using it everyday has been instrumental in helping to develop healthy coping strategies and mindfulness.

D. Hopkins

I use it to help me keep my self-care and mental health on track and keep myself accountable. I’ve tried other planners, but none have been as helpful for me as this one.

Meagan R.

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