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Setting Successful New Years Resolutions with the Self-Care Planner

Setting Successful New Year’s Resolutions with The Self-Care Planner

“Don't make resolutions without an action plan. The secret to success is right in your hands.” - J. Allen Shaw

The Self-Care Planner


December is coming to a close and the new year is on the horizon. For some, a new year brings the excitement of new opportunities but there are a lot of us that can’t help but feel anxiety and pressure around a new year. Fears around the future and disappointment from unattained goals of the past can plague the best of us. If that’s you, know you’re not alone and keep reading for some tips on how to take on the new year with a new perspective, set goals that matter to you, and keep yourself accountable with the help of The Self-Care Planner.

The Self-Care Planner

1. Change your Shoulds into Coulds

There is more pressure than ever to be “that girl”. You know the one with the 5 AM morning routine, set in an aesthetically pleasing apartment in an expensive city with a corporate 9 to 5 or some sort of girl boss hustle. All while she finds time to workout twice a day, maintain a robust social life, sport impeccable style, and habitually keep up a restorative hair routine… that was exhausting just to write. So, yes, you could do all of those things but should you?

Take time to find the things that bring you joy instead of basing your goals on societal or social pressures. If a 5 AM start to your day puts you in a good mood because you love to watch the sunrise and focus on personal tasks before work then that’s a great goal for you, but if you hate the sound of your alarm and you think that it puts you in a bad mood then ditch it! Taking time to decide what goals to set for yourself is key to reaching and maintaining the outcome.

The Self-Care Planner Vision Board

2. Focus on Your Vision

A good way to make sure you are setting goals that align with your true happiness is to use the “Vision of Balance” page in The Self-Care Planner. This spread allows you to focus on each aspect of your life and set goals, outline the things you wish to attract, or even a place to set boundaries against the things you want to avoid.

The layout includes space for all areas of your life including work/school, mental health, spirituality/growth, fun/recreation, physical health, physical environment, friends & family, romance, giving/contribution, and finances. By breaking out these areas of your life you can both focus on the specifics and see the big picture all in one glance.

The Self-Care Planner habit tracker

3. Build and Track Habits

Once you’ve established the resolutions that are perfect for you and your vision of balance, you can track them or the smaller habits that will help you get there every day to help you stay on track.

Keep in mind that since you are tracking every day you can adjust as needed. Start small and be patient with yourself. If one of your goals is to prioritize your health you can start with a goal of ten minutes of movement a day and build from there. The great thing about The Self-Care Planner is that it is designed to be flexible and help you focus on what feels right for you.

No matter the goal or the journey it will take to achieve it, just remember that your new year’s resolutions should be unique and personal to you. Never compare yourself to others and go at your own pace. It’s that simple.

Looking for more tips on ways to start the new year on the right foot? Check out the "How to Plan a Morning Routine for Personal Success" post.

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